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Essex, United Kingdom

Engagement Session Style guide

Engagement sessions are truly magical, infused with ethereal romance and sweet emotions. After being proposed you would naturally want to frame those memories and honour this chapter of your life. That being said, it is a once in a lifetime moment that has to be perfect down to the last detail, including your choice of style for the session. If you are wondering what to wear and how to approach the subject, don’t worry because I have compiled a guide to help you choose!
Be guided by your own style and preferences

The engagement session is all about enjoyment and giving in to emotions. If you choose to wear something that clashes with your own clothing preferences, you wouldn’t feel comfortable nor be able to give in fully to loving emotions. Any discomfort can be reflected in engagement photography so it is important to be guided by your personal style and wear something that makes you feel confident and radiant. 

Take heed of the season
While we are on the subject of comfort and confidence, I would also recommend taking into consideration the season when the shoot is planned. For example, if it is too warm you might want to consider wearing designs that are tailored with breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, etc.

Elevate your whole look with statement accessories, like your favourite jewellery pieces, designer bag, stylish heels etc. These pieces can transform your whole look, and if you book an editorial wedding photographer, they will definitely use these details to portray your authentic essence besides the romantic aspect.

Complementing outfits and harmonising with a colour scheme
Matching both of your outfits won’t look aesthetically pleasing for the engagement session, instead, think more in terms of complementing each other in terms of style. You can achieve a harmonious look by intertwining colours. For example, if you would wear a certain dominant tone, your partner can incorporate part of that hue in the look. That way you will both have a connection from a visual point of view yet not overly matched.

Preferred colour choices
If you haven’t fixed your mind on a certain colour, you can approach the engagement photography session from another point - choosing tones that work well with light and perception of the lens, but also with the background of your preferred shooting location. Such can be pastels, neutrals, and more cool hues. For example, a stylish pastel ghost dress would look amazing in the photos.

Two outfits are perfectly enough
It would be tiring to turn the session into a race in which you need to change three or more outfits. Believe me, two are enough to bring variety and yet enjoy the shoot with ease. If by any chance you prefer to bring more elements, then those can be various accessories like a silk scarf, sunglasses, stylish hat and so on.

Timeless designs
The photos of this candid session are in a way heirlooms that will be treasured for decades to come, a loving reminder of your beginnings and how far you’ve come together. In the spirit of that approach, I would recommend opting for timeless outfit designs that will look incredible no matter the era.

I hope that I have provided you with clarity and guidance on how to choose your engagement session attire. In all of its essence, always remember that whatever you choose must reflect your personal style and evoke confidence for getting the most of your photos.